Old build wont POST. ASUS Z97 MOBO CPU and DRAM LED blinking

I built this system about 3 months ago and it has been working very well. The MOBO is an ASUS Z97-A with an i7 in it. I got home last night and my monitors wouldn't come up. The clock on my keyboard was still ticking (USB controlled clock), so I didn't think my computer totally crashed. I did a hard reset and it never POSTed again after that.

The CPU and DRAM LEDs will blink one after the other. For giggles I pressed the MemOK! button. That restarted the system once and seemed to agree with the RAM pretty quickly.

I checked all the voltages I could gain access to on my PSU. The +12V, +5V, and +3.3V are all reading good. I wasn't able to check the voltages on the main connector as the paperclip trick to turn on the PSU would only keep it on for a few seconds (the PSU stays on fine when main plug is inserted into MOBO). I tried removing my GPU, but that did nothing. I removed one RAM stick, then put that back in and removed the other, but neither of those changed anything.

I reset the CMOS and that did nothing.

I am out of ideas. Does anyone have recommendations that I can try before replacing parts? If I do need to replace something, what should I try first? Thanks for reading this.
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  1. Quote:
    the paperclip trick to turn on the PSU would only keep it on for a few seconds

    It looks like the PSU has problem. Try the PSU in other PC.
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    That motherboard has a high fail rate you can try the power supply but I would lean toward the MB.
  3. seeigecannon, What was your problem? I have an Asus Z97-AR board and I had the very same problem.
    CPU & Mem light blink on and off, came home with monitors not wanting to come back on.

  4. When you start up do the fans spin but no display is showing? This means the Motherboard is dead. Contact ASUS for a warranty replacement
    This issue happend to me before, and the power supply wasn't the issue.
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