Need help with choosing components for new PC


I am new to this forum and hope I posted in the right thread and if not I apologize.
I am planing to build a new gaming rig. I am on a tight budget and can't spend a lot on it.

CPU: Intel G3258 I am going to overclock it as far as I can with my old antec watercooler.
Motherboard: ASRock Z97 Anniversary
GPU: R9 280
Ram: Crucial 8GB (2x4GB) CL9 1600Mhz Ballistix Sport
PSU: EVGA 500W, 80+ Bronze
HDD: wd blue 1TB

I am planing to upgrade the cpu in the future.
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    In my personal opinion the CPU is kind of weakish. Especially for more CPU intensive games.
    Depends on what you play. Battlefield for example will likely not run so well.
    AMD FX 6300 is a good overclocker.
  2. Yeah I agree with Kaarel_K, cpu is pretty weak. Though it is pretty overclockable, it's two cores are a letdown.
    If your budget is tight, go with AMD (FX 6300 is a great deal as Kaarel suggested).
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