What protection software should I use?

I am building a gaming computer and would like internet protection a good firewall and antivirus stuffs and all that jazz haha
So price isn't a problem but I would like it to lisence 2 users/PCs for 1yr+
Also if it's possible it to be all in one pice of software like AVG Ultimate?? I think it's what I mean but I have no idea :-)

Also Merry Christmas
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    Bitdefender is number one and Kaspersky is the second best .

    good adware : Avast
    free : MS Security Essentials - not the best but it does .
  2. I wouldn't even bother paying money for antivirus software. You can run a combination of AVG and Malwarebytes for free, and still maintain a healthy computer.
  3. I use Windows Security Essentials and MalwareBytes - I do a lot of web surfing and never have issues. MalwareBytes does have a "premium" option to give live scans - it gives you a free 30-day trial on it.

    If you watch the reviews - they bounce up and down as to who is "best" - seldom does any of the products "stay on top". This is why I refuse to purchase one....
  4. google AV-comparatives, gives a good synopsis of who has the better results from qtr to qtr. Some bias in testing, but overall, reliable info.
  5. *IF you don't mind a handful of 'allow/block' popups, I seem impressed by Personal Firewall 7 (free!), so far.....(I'd rather it ask me to 'allow', than for it to simply allow a miscreant process to be installed/ take hold!)
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