What to do when your graphic card doesnt fit in your PC case ?

What to do ?
What choices do i have ?
I have 1 slot and i need new better graphic card ( graphic card for plaing games) and almost all have 2 slots .
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  1. Not much info. Plz provide your specs particularly mobo, case and psu plz
  2. You have 3 options:

    - Buy a new case
    - Return the graphics card
    - Modify your case

    Im going to assume option 2 isnt something you want to do, so that leaves us with your case.

    I had this problem a few years back when first starting building systems, and after some thought, decided the hack saw was my friend. I cut away a neat section of the HDD cages to make room for the GPU and bingo, fitted in nicely with no problems.

    So its up to you really, get out your wallet or get out a saw.

    PS: A picture of the inside of your system will help us greatly
  3. Do you have some card installed that isnt absolutely necessary? Say for instance a NIC card but also have onboard LAN?
    What slots do you have and whats in those slots?
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    Upon re-reading your question, I see the problem is the space assigned to PCI slots, rather than its length (though you'd still want to measure things up too see if it will fit length ways anyway).

    If the case simply does not provide enough PCI slots you cannot install the card, the easiest and best way to fix the problem is buy a new case. You can get fairly decent gaming cases for very cheap these days.
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