Hyper 212 evo vs. H80i for FX-8350

So i have the hyper 212 Evo and its soon christmas so i was wondering if it was worth getting the H80i from Corsair as a cooler since i would like to overclock it and maybe a bit silenter. But its not necessary that it is silenter. So my question is: Is it worth going for the H80i since i dont have to pay a penny for it? And also do you have any other suggestions, btw my case is Corsair Graphite 230T and what i've heard is that it wont fit a 240mm radiator?
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  1. What is your mobo and case? The H80i fits in almost all cases.
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    The Evo and H80i will both perform to the level you want them to, i.e. they will both be more than adequate for overclocking (without being too extreme).

    If its a case of pro's and cons between the two without price being an issue, then the H80i would be my choice - its nice looking, quiet and effective. Plus the LEDs in the CPU block can be changed to suit the look of any case.

    However, I dont think you will be able to use a 240mm radiator, and may have to stick with the 120mm supplied. From what I've read, its only possible with complicated work arounds.
  3. Its free! you shouldn't even ask that question. It performs a bit better than the hyper 212 and looks better. The H80i has a 120mm radiator so your case will be fine.
  4. Thanks and my case cant indeed fit a 240mm radiator.
  5. It performs better than the EVO by a small margin.
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