i am planning to buy a new z97 motherboard
the gigabyte z97 gaming 3 . can you plz tell me is it a good and long lasting board
and im getting a new corsair cx750m psu
will the new gigabyte z97 gaming 3 board work with my core i5 4570??
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  1. Hi,
    It will work with the i5 4570, no problems there. But the thing is that Z97 motherboards are for unlocked processors, while the i5 4570 is locked one. If you are planing to get an unlocked processor in the future, than get the Z97 motherboard, if not, get H97, H91, H87, B85 or H81, because they are cheaper.
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    Z97 Gaming 3 is a nice board though I would recommend Gaming 5 from Gigabyte. CPU is compatible with Z97 Gaming 3. No issues there. I'm using i7 4770 with Z87 series mobo in one of the builds.

    Agreed with above that Z chipset series is for overclocking but this does not mean that you can't run factory locked CPUs on these mobos. This would also give you the opportunity to have future update in case you decide later on to grab factory unlocked CPUs.

    If you are not into overclocking at all then don't grab Z97 series mobo, simply get H97 series mobo.

    Good Luck
  3. z97x gaming 5? im looking to get that one because its better than the gaming 3
    i will be getting a unlocked cpu later on and i will be crossfire x my gpu so i will be getting a z97 board

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