Question regarding Graphics card power connector

I have an ASUS H97 Plus motherboard
a 550W PSU (full modular) 80 gold cert
and a EVGA Geforce GTX 760 graphics card

I have just finished connecting my graphics card. The box came with two power connectors a 6pin and a 8pin. Do i use both or just one? also where do I plug them under the PSU which label would it be the CPU/PCI-E? any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. You should use both the 8 pin and the 6 pin on the card.

    Your PSU should have the PCI cables needed. Not sure what you mean by the box, the PSU or the GPU box?
  2. Alright i Hooked both up and turned on my computer which is still hooked into motherboard dvi slot and the screen is black. It turned on no problem with no graphics card. I tried to plug it into graphic card dvi slot and still no signal
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