CPU fan error with new PWM fan on ASUS A88XM-Plus Motherboard

Hello all - there seem to be a few threads from folks with similar issues here but they don't quite get to the heart of the problem. I am running the following components:
Asus A88xm-plus MB
AMD A10-6800k APU
Cooler master blizzard T2 air cooler
Arctic F12 PWM case fans (x 3)
Arctic F9 PWM CPU fan (on T2 cooler)

I've just installed some new PWM case fans recently and was previously running them all very nicely with the attached splitters from the CPU fan header and running the stock cooler. The MB had no trouble controlling all of the fans together and i could tweak with the Asus fan expert program to have it running quiet or performance.

I just bought a new cooler (Coolermaster Blizzard T2) and at the same time bought a new PWM fan to go with said cooler as the one that came with it was not. With everything installed when i boot up the cpu fan error message comes up and asks me to hit F1 to run setup. After reading the other threads i have since found that i can go into the BIOS and tell it to ignore the cpu fan warning and boot into windows fine. The only issue is that the motherboard can't seem to see the cpu fan at all. So i can't control the fan speed and now all 4 fans are running at what seems like full tilt. I have tried dropping the threshold RPM to 200rpm which is the lowest setting but i still get the cpu fan error, there is no way of setting it below 200rpm only the ignore setting. Its quite annoying that because the fan speed is so low during the post it gives me the error and the only way to get around is to set it to ignore in the bios but this means i lose the ability to control the fan speed - everything is just running at full speed(ish)!
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    Could be a faulty mobo or bios. Contact Asus.
  2. i7Baby said:
    Could be a faulty mobo or bios. Contact Asus.

    Seeing as it was working fine before with the stock fan - what could cause this as an issue?
  3. Bad mobo, cooler, psu.
  4. Contacted Asus and turns out the Mobo was faulty - fan headers not reporting the fan speed. Replacement board installed by PC specialist (who supplied the PC) and all working fine now
  5. Good to hear. Merry Xmas!
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