New custom pc can't play youtube videos 4k?

I recently finished building my £800-900 pc but it stutters when plating YouTube videos in 4k? It's not my connection as my ping is 8ms and download is 157Mb and when I watch videos the loading bar is always far ahead.. Is something wrong? My monitor isn't 4k but it looks nice in 4k and I thought my computer would be capable to play 4k with no skipping and stuttering? Is something wrong? Here are my specs:
Intel core i5 4670K
Asus Z87-K
Nvidia GTX 760
Crucial Ballistx 8GB
Samsung evo 840 120gb SSD
We red 1tb
Corsair CX500?
Is my computer just not capable of playing youtube 4k smoothly or is something not right here??
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    Do you have the latest graphics drivers installed on your PC? Have you experience any issues like this on other applications? I personally have not tried the 4k feature on youtube but it could be an issue on their end.
  2. I already installed the latest drivers for the GPU. Could it be a compatibility issue?
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