Decent Computer Not Able to Run Games Smoothly

I can't get any real FPS in games such as Saint's Row 4, Skyrim, 7 days to die etc. with a decent setup and can't seem to work out why.
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  1. Need to know your system specs, to even begin to suggest anything.
  2. maybe it is not decent enough.
  3. Ahhh Sorry about that I just though this was the description I posted an entire essay just haha oh well,
    My specs:
    AMD A6400k 3.9Ghz Processor,
    NVidia GTX 770 2Gb Graphics Card,
    8Gb RAM
    Asus Motherboard (Not sure of model sorry)
    750W Corsair Builder Bronze edition PSU
    1000Gb HDD

    Ive also got Kaspersky 2013 Internet security and have ran system checks on processes in task manager and full system scans multiple times and don't even browse the internet on it, I use my laptop so i'm fairly certain there isn't a virus on it.
    It is also pretty much brand new, so I'm completely stumped haha
    I'm not sure if it could be to do with my settings not being correct such as the graphics card etc. though i installed the latest drivers from nvidia too so I really cannot think of any reason honestly
    Thanks for the reply though man its good to know that someone has actually read this thread, if you have any suggestions that would be amazing haha
  4. That a6 is your problem. It is bottlenecking that graphics card like no tomorrow. It is not meant for gaming, at all. What to upgrade to depends on budget.
  5. Ahhhh ok I think I could probably spare up to about £400 on one mate so what kind of processor would you reckon be worth looking at considering the rest of the components? (I would like it to last me a good long while but not going unnecessarily overboard if i don't have to)
    Thanks btw
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    An i5 4460 and an H97 pro 4 would be a vast improvement for you.
  7. thank you very much for your help you've been a great help so I can finally start getting back on the right track
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