Windows 8.1 slows down to a crawl and crashes programs after about 1.5 to 2 hours

This started happening 3 weeks ago and it's been getting worse every day.
I've tried almost everything I knew but nothing seems to work.

I think it might just be hardware problems but I just want to be sure.

In the meantime I've installed a brand new heatsink for my cpu, a new graphics card, new mouse and keyboard, SSD drive.

My cpu recorded temperatures of near 100 degrees celsius but after refreshing the heatgel and installing a new heatsink the temperatures hover around 35 to 40.

I don't have any other HDD's installed which could slow the pc down.

I've updated everything, even the BIOS. Reverted some updates back because some companies are in the habit of releasing updates that make everything worse somehow.

I've scanned for every possible virus etc with most programs, nothing to be found.

So... this is the deal.
It starts when I boot the PC, because the OS is installed on an SSD it boots up really fast. I start doing my thing when about one to two hours in my pc gets extremely slow and my taskmanager shows that chrome it taking up 99% of my memory.

So I shut down my pc to get everything back to normal but this time the booting takes about 15 minutes and I'm greeted with "_0" on one of my screens. I have to remove all the powercords and USB devices, wait 10 to 15 minutes and restart my pc a couple of times for it to start working again.

So you might think that it might be chrome that is the cuplrit, nope... I start another program or game and around 2 to 3 hours in it freezes and there's nothing I can do but a hard reset. I've waited for it to unfreeze for a couple of hours but nothing happens.

Everything just gets agonizingly slow... especially when I'm playing a game

Here is an overview of my PC

do you guys know what is going on? Might the 100 degrees cpu caused permanent damage? Is it just a matter of installing more RAM or reïnstalling windows? Does going back to windows 7 help?

So many questions so few answers.

Thanks in advance!
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    If your problem persists after a reboot but goes away after a cool-down period then it is definitely a hardware issue. With what you said about your CPU temps, it is likely that either your CPU or motherboard was permanently damaged by overheating. It could be that there is some poorly attached heat sink or broken fan somewhere in your system that is causing this. You can try taking the cover off of your case and blasting a fan into it to see if that helps performance.
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