ISSUE: Weird problem with my PC booting. Won't boot to bios AKA no display. More Information in description

Firstly to start of, I've never found a solution to this recurring problem. To begin with my PC specifications are:
HDD A: 500GB SEAGATE BARRACUDA Used for system files. (C Drive)
HDD B: 3TB SEAGATE BARRACUDA Used for game installations. (X Drive)

To begin with, the problem. Recently after a failed GPU upgrade. I have been experiencing an oddity as I boot my PC. When I press the power button, the computer lights up and all the fans start going. The computer beeps once and then my monitor remains blank, with the power button on the monitor flashing, sometimes the display shows me the typical BIOS start-up screen with the shortcuts but it does not proceed to boot further. (A similar screen can be seen here - http:// ) Even more rarely the computer would boot to the Windows logo and not proceed to boot further. I had no idea what this was to begin with, but when it first occurred I restarted my PC by using the reset button on my case or by holding in the power off button and it then booted normally whilst fully functional. I had been doing this every time I powered on my computer as this issue kept on happening. Recently I have had to restart my computer more than once but no more than 3 times at start-up to get it to progress, but eventually the PC would always boot normally and remain fully functional until the next start-up.
Until today. I booted up the PC as usual, getting ready to press the restart button as the screen remained blank. Nothing happened so I restarted the computer. Again the screen remained blank once it powered on. Nothing unusual so I restarted the computer for a third time. Still nothing. By now the computer would have booted onto a screen, or the monitor would have at least showed some signs of life as the PC began the boot process but nope. I then did the standard check, making sure all cables were in place on the monitor and the GPU ports. All was fine. I then restarted again. And again. And again. Still nothing.
I knew something had definitely gone wrong so I took to moving the DVI cable from the GPU ports to the ports on the Motherboard. I then restarted it again and this time it worked. An instant ASUS screen and then the computer managed to boot onto the desktop. It worked as normal (besides he whole on-board graphics thing). I powered down and opened up the case and checked to see if the GPU itself was powered on. Its fans were spinning normally so I assume it is not a power issue. I reseated the RAM and made sure all connections and slots were secure and then turned the pc on. This time when I started it with the DVI in the GPU ports and it started and booted up. I thought I had finally fixed the problem when as I was on the desktop, I moved my mouse, the cursor stopped moving. I assume the pc froze. And then the pc auto restarted and sent me back to the dreaded blank screen. I've gathered now that when the DVI was in the GPU, nothing beyond a blank screen. But when the DVI was in the Motherboard, it started normally.

I'm now completely stumped as to what the issue is and what to do about it. I have guessed it could be the monitor but I have no means of checking as the necessary VGA adaptor for my older TV is currently unobtainable and I have no HDMI cables and there is no DVI port on the old TV. I will however check ASAP.

If you need a full back story as to the events to this happening, ask about it and I'll fill you in. The short version is there was a lot of driver switching, and hardware changes as I jumped from Nvidia to AMD back to Nvidia along with a new PSU as the failure of a new GPU exploded my old one and that I got a new HDD after switching from a RAID 0 system to two separate HDDs. I have already uninstalled all AMD drivers that I've found, which consisted of going into the registry and removing them there. I also got a new keyboard and mouse which in turn consisted of even more drivers.
Any ideas/solutions to this be would be greatly appreciated. I'm well into gaming and I've got loads of school work to do and this isn't something I need as it's holding me back on both fronts... Thanks for your time and assistance!

EDIT: I've tried switching monitors and I can actually progress now. The problem now is that it still does the black screen on startup occasionally which is a problem as the computer has begun crashing randomly. I would be browsing the internet/listening to music or playing a game whilst talking to friends on Skype and the audio and the mouse/screen would freeze simultaneously and then the computer would black screen and restart. This happens about once an hour if not twice an hour. The computer runs in safe mode so I'm thinking its drivers. Another thing to note is that even when the DVI-D connector is in the Motherboard the computer still black screens on startup. Yet with VGA mobo connection it does not. I have also tried to completely wipe the drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), wiping both AMD and Nvidia drivers in the event that there are still traces of AMD Graphical drivers which were from the new card I had to RMA. I then proceeded to do a clean install of the latest Nvidia drivers. The crashes I am experiencing now are exactly the same as the crashes that prompted me to RMA the AMD card. Part of me still thinks drivers but It could also be the motherboard. AND one more point. When I try to navigate the BIOS or use the keyboard before the computer has booted up like in the Boot Menu, the pc freezes and unfreezes every second or two with the keyboard lights flashing on and off every time the computer unfreezes. It is in the window when the menus are in their unfrozen state that I can select an option. Even on the BIOS, the background header and footer is supposed to be a flowing kind of graphical image but it moves then stops then moves. Weird stuff guys. So. Drivers.. Or Motherboard..
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    nice wall of text :D But the black screen thing caught my attention. as Ive been having same kind of problem with my brand new Gigabyte GTX 970 Gaming G1. Integrated graphic card works, my old card works. but when I plug the new GPU in the screen stays black. Ive tried all kinds of things and nothing works. And Ive decided to RMA the card. Of course my case is kinda different as I havent been doing any RAID0 or PSU swapping etc. Guess I just wanted to say that I feel you. 2 days fighting with the new card to no avail. Hoping you can find solution to the problem!
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