Upgrading GPU on 2009 system

After 5 years,my gpu gave out.

AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE 3.4GHz OC + Scythe Yasya cooler
Kingmax 4gb ram 1066MHz ddr2
GIGABYTE MA770-UD3 rev1.0
*Force3D HD 5770 1 GB*
FSP Group Bluestorm II 500W

Giving my current options,i can only "upgrade" my gpu,not get a new system.Atm i have 8800gt for a replacement,which is just really horrible,what im really worried about is how long this system would last anymore...?

I bought a new monitor and 3 days later the GPU died,obviously my power supply can just die as well,is it a risk worth taking,considering i have no money for a complete new PC?

I want to get a GPU that wouldnt bottleneck me/non important bottleneck,taking into account my 500W PSU(18A on +12v),price is not really limited(new or used doesnt matter) since i wont be buying a gtx 970 or r9 280x which would be nonsense with this outdated ram and cpu
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    probably you can get a decent cheap psu (maybe a EVGA 500b) and a 750 ti /r7 270 (x) and you would still get a couple of extra miles from your system
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