Asus MAXIMUS VII Hero vs MSI z97 mpower max ac vs Asrock z97 Extreme6

what motherboard would you recommend and why?
Asus MAXIMUS VII Hero $210
MSI z97 mpower max ac $242
Asrock z97 Extreme6 $125

They all have m.2 ports that i will be taking advantage of, support sli, 8 sata ports.

i plan on building a new rig that will be water cooled. my color scheme will be black and blue.

Asrock -So i am leaning toward the Asrock because of the colors. But i have read reviews saying that there boards arent built that great.
MSI - i like the idea of water cooling my vrm but not necessary. also wifi is not that important to me.(have a msi gaming board and happy with its performance.)
Asus - Heard nothing but good things about the quality of there boards and rog mobos.

Would love to match my color scheme. But i dont want to jeopardize quality of the board just to match up colors in my rig. Also want good overclocking ability along with good driver support.
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  1. msi Z97
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    Asus MAXIMUS VII Hero < I own this board , perfect for building , great performance.
  3. I have the asrock z97 extreme6 and love it. Great overclocking!
  4. I've had the hero vii for a couple of months now and its been flawless. It even has nice backplates for the vrms, no wiggle. It has awesome led lighting, the vrm temps stay below 35c for me, socket temp below 45c... And bios options to keep anyone entertained for a long time lol.
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