Use USB 2.0 in RAID 0 with internal SSD on a MacBook Air

I have two USB 2 sticks with 64 GB. I want use those on a RAID with the internal SSD wich is too 64 GB. Is it possible? What do you recommend? I don't want use an external portable HD, that is why I use the Air, 'cause is light.

Thanks for yout attention.
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  1. no, not possible.
  2. popatim said:
    no, not possible.

    Could you elaborate?
  3. Why? And on a Macbook? Not likely.
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    Gerbi said:
    popatim said:
    no, not possible.

    Could you elaborate?

    Hey there, Gerbi!

    It's not really worth it. Flash drives are neither fast, nor good enough for such configuration. You will end up losing your data.
    Besides RAID 0 is a risky array with the highest chances of failure and when we talk about setting up RAID (any kind), it's better to use specific RAID/NAS HDDs because of their special features that might save your array in extended error recovery.

    You are going to be better off using just the SSD or getting a larger one. They are fast enough by themselves to give you what you wish to find in RAID 0, only much more reliable.

    Hope this answers your question! :)
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