Help fixing drivers after fresh windows 7 install. HP Pavilion dv6 notebook pc

I re installed windows on my laptop just yesterday and now I am missing drivers for most if not all things. Only one of my usb ports works, and my ethernet port and wireless does not work. So I am kind of in a pickle, I figure if I could connect online I could update all my drivers and problem solved just like that. But I can't get online without my ethernet port or wireless working. I tried downloading what I believed to be the correct drivers for my ethernet onto a flash drive and installing them manually but it didn't seem to work at all, maybe I downloaded the wrong drivers or did something wrong? If anyone could provide me with some insight I would be hugely grateful. If it helps at all my laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6 notebook pc, windows 7 64-bit. Also don't know if this is important but it didn't ask me for my windows serial number after I re installed, which I found a bit odd as I thought it made you put it back in every time you installed windows. A huge thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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    The correct drivers can be downloaded from the HP website which serves your country.

    HP support for UK:

    For other countries, click on the link at bottom-left of page where it says "United Kingdom".

    You can download the network drivers on to a pen drive using any PC which has internet access.
    Then plug the pen drive in to your DV6 & install them.
    You can do that for all your DV6 drivers if you want to.

    Please note you will need to know the full model number of your DV6 as there are several different ones in the DV6 range.
    You should find the full model number printed on a sticker underneath your notebook.
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