Old man needing some help/advice with first time PC build.

Sorry if you guys see this question asked elsewhere on the site. Still learning how to navigate this site.... :) After years of buying boxed PC's. Last one was about 4-5 years ago. I have decided to try and build one myself. (Lord help me, well the wife will be helping me.) :) I have been looking at MANY of the builds you guys have suggested to others, very nice ones from what I can tell with my very limited knowledge with PC's. Majority are geared towards gaming systems. I do play games now and then, but games are not my main concern. What I would really like to do is give video editing a try. (Are gaming systems and video editing set ups pretty much the same?) After going to the local Best Buy, I was told that just to get me going with a VERY basic PC for editing, it would cost me $800.00 to $1000.00. Went to PC Parts Picker and was overwhelmed with all the choices available. Can I build a half way decent system for $700.00 including a operating system? Thanks for any info/ help you guys can provide to this old man......
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    This will do everything you wish.
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