Could i build PC with AMD FX 8350 ,MSI 970 Gaming motherboard , MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G 8 Gb 2133 Mhz ram , and Crosair CX750

Will it be great PC ? That run new games perfectly ?
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  1. while I really like this setup recently the amd chips have been having issues with the newest games.
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    i think FX 8350 will be just fine, and you might want to consider FX-6300 for losing 2 cores for cheaper alternative.

    The most important thing is your GPU. GTX 970 is a beast !
    will run most games on 1080p smoothly.

    try to pick assemble your parts on
    to see if there's any incompability in the system while comparing each specs you want
  3. hay man consider my build which i just purchased this thanksgiving:

    prices did go up since then but it might be a good reference. have to build btw.
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