Looking to switch to GPT on a BIOS system with Windows 8

I currently have a Core 2 Quad system that has a BIOS (NOT a UEFI, who ever heard of those back in the Core2Quad era?) and I want to use GPT. I would like to have more than 4 partitions, (maybe just for the heck of it, maybe because I think it would be awesome to have a 7-way multiboot) which is impossible with MBR, but I don't want to lose any of my data, and I still want Windows 8 to work.

Can a BIOS-GPT configuration exist? If so, will Windows 8 boot and function in a BIOS-GPT setup? And would I be able to transfer my current windows 8 installatoin to the new setup, or would I have to reinstall?

Feel free to tell me I don't need this, because I don't. If this can't work, then I will continue to live life normally. This is just a crazy idea that if it works, would be absolutely awesome.
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    There are a few questionable work arounds for this, but none are really recommended. There are NO recommended or officially verified methods to use GPT with non-UEFI BIOS versions.

    This however might work for you:

    I really don't recommend it though as none of the UEFI hardware will be using UEFI mode during boot since the BIOS won't support it but perhaps the other features are beneficial to you.
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