i5 4690k, removed stock cooler at least 3 times, thermal paste ok?

It's my first time building, and the wire to connect the fan to the motherboard did not fit and I had to loosen it up, I went ahead and moved it, but needed at least three different tries, the paste was still there but it was a bit smothered here and there, and some on the cpu itself, though it was still present.

Am I still good or will I need to buy more thermal paste?
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  1. I would apply new paste to ensure there are no areas of uneven coverage, but that's just me.

    If your temps seems reasonable you might be fine.
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    To apply thermal paste I hope you know it should be a small blob in the middle putting the heat sink on top would do the work of spreading it for you. thermal paste should not be seen outside the square, but you should be fine. you dont need to reapply it. As long as theres thermal paste and test temps underload and it runs fine then you're solid.
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