Does the Intel i5 4440 support 2 graphics cards?

Hi there, I was wondering if the Intel i5 4440 supports 2 Pcie x16 Graphics cards. I was thinking about a crossfire with my Radeon 7850 and buy a R9 270 (which from what I read has the same GPU architecture and crossfire will work)
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  1. Yes, but really it'd probably just be smarter to upgrade your gpu to maybe a r9 280 or 280x, or even a 270x if your budget is low.
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    Well, selling a 7850 and getting something like 280X or 290 (they are quite cheap now) would best thing to do.

    Anyway, i5 would be fine for anything.
  3. You need a motherboard that supports SLI or Crossfire.
    The CPU has no problem supporting it.
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