How many years will 4 cores last me?

How many years will a Intel quad core 4790k last me.I don't want to have to upgrade to a 6 core because games seem like there going in that direction. I'm planning on only using this PC for gaming and watching Youtube.
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  1. A 4790k will last a very long time. If you bought a 4790k and a GTX980 today, the 4790k would stay relevant long after the 980.
  2. I'm getting the GTX970
  3. Let's see 4cores= XY-7xMC+15. According to my calculation as you can see, it should last a long time, probably till 2017.
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    I don't truly believe the "Games are going more than 4 cores" statement. We've heard that statement since AMD released the 6 and 8 core CPUs. There is some truth but only to AMD's architecture. As long as games continue to be developed as single threaded applications, more cores may never turn the corner.

    I'll believe it when I see it. Right now, there's little need for more than 4 cores when gaming.
  5. It'll be more than 4 years before we see a majority of games utilizing more than 4 cores.
  6. Thanks everyone!
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