How do I Easily transfer everything from one computer to another

ok so I just finished building a computer and I installed windows 8.1 but how do I easily transfer everything from my old laptop (which is also running windows 8.1) to my new desktop.

PS I already tried it with windows easy transfer but the windows 8.1 version is all different and not nearly as easy as it used to be so please dont suggest that
Thank You
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    if it is just data, there are a few options . You can copy that data to a high capacity blank dvd , depending on how much data you might want to use more than one.. also you can get some high capacity usb sticks and do the same

    If its more than data and you trying to move installed programs, its not going to work. best to just reinstall the programs on your new pc

    Aslo if your laptop uses a ssd drive you can open it up , take it out of the laptop and plug power and sata cable into your new build as an extra storage drive , windows should automatically recognize, if not it would search the web for the right windows drivers , from there you should be able to access your data
  2. You don't.

    What are you wanting to transfer?
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