Having issues with SLI & Multiple GPU programs (OSD + OC Programs)


Recently installed a second Gigabyte 780ti in SLI. My current 780ti is the OC version, and the new one is a GHZ version. Both Gigabyte cards.

I have CLEAN installed 3 different versions on NVIDIA drivers (currently the latest).
I have re-installed games.
I use Driver Fusion & CCleaner to clean up uninstall files whenever possible.

The problem is, I can't get ANY OSD or OC software to work. I have tried EVGA Precision, OC GURU 2, MSI AFTERBURNER. They all CRASH my computer the second I fire up a game.

All I am using these programs for is the OSD, to measure temp, usage, & memory.

Gigabyte 780ti OC + 780ti GHZ SLI (both running at same frequency)
Thermaltake 850 watt PSU (gold)

Any ideas on what could be the issue? Could it possible be the card? Everything seems to work ok unless the OC program is running in the background.
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    Looking at your specs to me the most probable cause would be that one of your GPU's is overclockable while the other is not. It most likely wouldn't keep you from playing any games or actually using your graphic capabilities but because they are different the applications could be crashing because of some sort of error in the way they were programmed to monitor graphics cards; for example if you had two of the exact same card you may not be having this issue but with two cards that may be almost exactly the same but are slightly different the application logically does not know what to do, because it was not programmed to monitor cards that are different in SLI (even if the differences are minute). It may be far-fetched but to me this seems like the only thing that could be solving your problem. I would recommend you sell the none overclocked one and buy another overclocked one, it would be better since then you have two GPU's you can overclock for some mege performance.
  2. Another little thing to add. When it comes to computers and specifically things like this make sure you get the exact same product, to you it could seem like one is just slightly different or just has a different name and is packaged differently but it's the same product but to a computer they are completely different. A computer only knows what it has been programmed and computers tend to take things very literally, if one product is a tenth of a degree different then another to the computer it is a completely different thing. There is no gray area for computers.
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