External Hard Drive not detected in Disk Management but is detected in Device Manager

A couple of days ago my external hard drive was working just fine then suddenly every time i connect it to any computer it would not appear in my computer and just not anywhere besides the device manager and the "safely remove device"! When i turn it on the blue light is on and there's no odd sounds so that leaves me stumped.
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  1. That's bad, can You disassemble Your external drive box, and connect it directly to the motherboard via SATA cable?
  2. No don't think i can disassemble it :l. Any other options? Is it fried ? I just want to know what the cause of the problem is.
  3. Can You name the model of Your external HDD? I dissambled hundreds of external drives, without a sweat. If it's has active warranty, just RMA it right away. If not, You have nothing to lose, literally. If it doesn't work in plenty systems, with different operating systems, this is pretty much the only thing You can do. If Disk Manager doesn't see it, of course.
  4. Just tried to connect it to my other lab and it detected it and was downloading some software for it to work then bam it didn't work, just don't get we're the problem is! Its a Sony model HD E1.
  5. If it's not in warranty:

    do the following, and hit it inside pc, or on external device [e.g. akasa].

    If it's in warranty, request 1:1 copy of the data on the new drive.

    Btw. have You tried Windows 7 and Windows 8 both?
  6. No, don't have warranty. Looks like I'm going to disassemble it and see what happens.
    Yea, I've tried it on Vista and windows 7 but don't have 8. Surprisingly, it used to work on all of them :l !
    Thanks a bunch for your quick reply's and follow ups!
  7. go to control panel -> Administrative Tools-> Computer Management -> Storage - > Disk Management -> Right click your external drive -> click change drive letter and paths - > pick a letter. It should work after that.
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    If the HDD works fine, and it doesn't work in case, the culprit is pretty often one - damaged controller in the hdd/ssd box. It happens a LOT. That's why I use third party boxes, and never buy these fancy looking ones, besides WD, WD can handle their controllers quite allright, but other companies bet on design, not functionality.
  9. Yea, the design is pretty nice :D. So the solution is to disassemble it and to change the case! I'll venture on that ;).
    Again thanks, you've been a great help!
  10. First I'd connect Your HDD to PC via either sata cradle, or via external box, to find out whether the HDD/SSD within the box is allright. Than, I'd buy this one, it's the best sata 3 controller box, made out of metal, with silicone lining, for vibrations/fall absorption, and extreme speeds via USB 3.0.

    Icy Box 230StU3-G
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