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I am looking to overclock my CPU. I don't know where to start; I've researched for a good 3 hours and haven't found any resources to complete my request so I am reaching out to you. I am unable to overclock using BIOS because I knocked out my CMOS battery while building it, so any BIOS changes will be ineffective. I am looking to overclock using AMD Overdrive.

The main issue I have is I don't know how much voltage and the other settings to change while overclocking to 4.4GHZ/4.5GHZ (I've found many people recommend those speeds). When I set the speed to 4.4GHZ I just estimate the voltage and it crashes. This is most likely because I am missing a piece to the puzzle - a setting or some sort I am not changing.

Could you guys tell me some numbers for the speed (GHZ), voltage and any other settings found in AMD Overdrive?

Computer Specifications:
CPU - FX 8350 @ 4.0GHZ
CPU Cooler - Hyper 212 Evo
MOBO - Asus m5a97 2.0
GPU - GTX 770
Storage - SSD @ HDD (Can't find specific brands)
Case - Define r4

I hope this adequately explains my problem. Any help is appreciated, and feel free to ask for more information if needed.


- Jake
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  1. well to start you need that battery
  2. I've seen others overclock without BIOS and I know it is possible, though not recommended to do it with software. So I do not NEED the battery, but I would like some help overclocking with AMD Overdrive. Could I have some advice considering overclocking via BIOS is not possible?
  3. I want to help but I know you will end up with issues without the battery... sorry
  4. Ok, thanks. I will wait out for others, I'm sure it can be done safely. Any others willing to share their input?
  5. iron8orn said:
    I want to help but I know you will end up with issues without the battery... sorry

    If I was using BIOS in this senario, what would you reccomend for each setting I would have to change?
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