Please Help me. Debug code 71 and screen doesn't turn on!!! please help!

Hi !

Today I wanted to try out overclocking my i5-4670k on my msi gaming 5 motherboard. I went into my bios and loaded optimized defaults and then I set the cpu core voltage to 1.2V and my cpu ratio ( I think that is what it was called ) to 46, so 4600 mhz or 4.6 ghz. I have a very good cooling system and my cpu temperature before I loaded those settings was 8 celsius. Now I can't boot up. I am getting number 71 on my debug led indicator. I tried unplugging the battery to reset the bios, I also tried connecting my dvi cable to the motherboard just to see if that is outputting the video. What can I do??? When I boot up there is nothing on my screen!!!!! Please help me. This is the first time I have ever overclocked and those are the only 2 options I altered in the bios!! And yes I have the latest bios.

The debug indicator is solid 71!

Please please help me! Thank you :)
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  1. What is the Drive Config your are using? Also what motherboard
  2. Vitric9 said:
    What is the Drive Config your are using? Also what motherboard


    As posted above, my motherboard is a z97 gaming 5 from MSI. I'm not sure what you mean about drive config. I have an r9 280x crossfre setup if that is what you are referring to...
  3. Update*

    I unplugged everything in my system and started testing with the motherboard and processor alone. Then I slowly added and plugged in more and more devices until I finally discovered that one of my RAM modules is not working. That was causing this whole issue :)

    So now my system is working great! Cheers :)
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