How to make this pc more budget friendly?

Aerocool ds cube
Gigabyte windforce ed GTX 970
i5 4460
500gb Seagate HDD
ADATA 8gb (1x8gb)
Cooler master B2 600W

I also wondered if the i5 4460 will bottleneck the GTX970 a lot? If it does, then what "budget" cpu would be the best?
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    Well most of your components are budget oriented so not much you can do. I would say, only things you can change are:
    -Cheaper case
    - Cheaper GPU from another vendor. (only if really need to reduce cost)

    And no, you won't have any noticeable bottleneck.
  2. No there will be no bottleneck at all. In fact, that i5 can handle WAY more GPU power than just a single 970.

    I would change the PSU to a quality unit like an XFX550.
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