Don't know what graphics card to buy, Nvidia 630 GT or 730 GT

So i'm planning on buying a new PC and am settled on all parts apart from the graphics card.
I'm also planning to get a Full HD 21.5" monitor so which card would work best with it?
I plan on playing games but I'm not a hardcore gamer and don't mind playing games on low/medium settings as long as I'm getting acceptable FPS.

I have the choice of getting:
1. MSI N720GT, 2GB DDR5, 64bit
2. MSI N730GT, 2GD3, 2GB DDR3, 128bit
3. MSI N630GT, MD2GD3, 2GB, 128bit

BUT if it is considered a huge upgrade over the others I could also probably get a:
MSI N640GT, 2048 DDR3, 128 bits

Sorry for the long question, but I am lost and would appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Honestly with a 1920x1080 monitor, neither.

    Although the 730 is a little better, you are better off with a better GPU for that resolution.
  2. Looking at the article it says "just be sure you have the 64-bit GDDR5 version in your shopping cart; the 128-bit model is actually slower due to a less-powerful GPU."
    Well the one I have available is the 128-bit model..

    EDIT: Also I don't know much about graphic cards but after googling it a bit...Shouldn't the 720GT be the best choice for games due to its VRAM being GDDR5 even though it's 64bit.
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    I would suggest a gtx 750 ti.
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