i have MSI H97I AC mini itx Mobo, it does not allow me to change the cpu ratio and other cpu OC options

I am using a Intel pentium g3258 CPU and a MSI h97I AC mobo, thing is, when i go into bios i am not allowed to change the cpu ratio and tweak its frequency, therefore not allowing my to overclock my cpu.

i installed newest Bios updates and drivers.

might anyone have a solution to how i can be able to OC my g3258 in the bios? it stays on AUTO and i cant change it, I don't know what else to do.

might anyone know how to solve this issue?
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  1. Bummer. The whole reason for a G3258 is to overclock it.
    Not all non Z97 motherboards will have a bios capable of changing the G3258 multiplier.
    It would seem that yours might be one of them.
    You might ask msi support about it.
    There might possibly be a beta bios or someone might have hacked the current bios to allow a multiplier change.
  2. ok, and how would i be able to get a cracked bios?
  3. or maybe a way to overide the safe mode?
  4. The H97 mobo is probably not supported by MSI to overclock the Pentium. It would probably have been easier if you had a Z97 mobo which are actually cheaper than H97 mobos.
  5. ok, i see, well im will contact msi and see if there is anything we can do.
  6. walachewaka said:
    ok, i see, well im will contact msi and see if there is anything we can do.

    I think the best thing might be to see if they will replace it with the Z97 PC MATE mobo which is probably one of the cheapest Z97 mobos on the market.
  7. why would they replace it though?
  8. and my motherboard is mini ITX form factor
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    walachewaka said:
    why would they replace it though?

    I said they might. Probably to satisfy a customer's needs and get a good record. I would at least try and do that and if that doesn't work out, I would return the mobo to the place you bought it from.
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