my hdd is clicking and not stopping

i must complete my work but this hdd is clicking soo much it sounds like clock work is there a way to stop it without turning the laptop off
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  1. Constant clicking = dying. The longer you use it, the closer it will be to actually dead.

    Then your 'work' will be actually gone.
  2. i know but i need to finish it
  3. clicking queitly now, i know why also its the heat killing the drive because its been hours its on my bro did his work from 5-9pm ive done my work from 10pm-now 1:15 am
  4. amd4lif3 said:
    i know but i need to finish it

    A dying hard drive does not care how much work you have to complete.

    Suggestion - save that data to another drive. Now.
    Your clicking drive can die in the next minute or two.
  5. ive saved it via cloud but it wont die not for years sometimes it does this i need to format the drive correctly its been used for alot of win 7 instilations and as we know when you install you just delete files on it not actually formating
  6. ya its not dead yet sooo may just be im hearing the small bits of the laptop because the entire house is asleep lol my typing seems lowd emergancy over
  7. If you say so.
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