YouTube displaying small simi-transparent lines when loading 720p video on Toshiba Satellite c55d

When I play a video on my Toshiba Satellite c55d-b5212 in 720p from YouTube, I see semi-transparent (about 25%) lines both vertical and horizontal when in full screen.

I did try to upload a image to Imgur showing the lines and they are somewhat visible but not as mush when the video is playing.

:= Imgur Link- =:

I have updated my display drivers (AMD Radeon R5 Series GPU)
- Driver date: 4/22/2014
- Driver version: 13.352.1004.1007

If you have any solutions please reply.

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  1. Have you updated flash player?
  2. popatim said:
    Have you updated flash player?

    Updated, still having the same issue
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