SSD Samsung Evo 840 overall slow IOPS speeds

I upgraded to a SSD drive finally!!!
However my IOPS speeds seem very low :(
I'll attach some screenshots with some test results and more data
I've tried to run the optimization tool in the samsung software and i have turned off hibernation etc running it at maximum performance, updated SATA on the MOBO (newest version on MOBO site was 2012???)
Reinstalled Intel Rapid Storage but nothing seems to help...
I checked that the SSD is connected to the intel Sata3_0 port and not the marvel one.
RAPID mode is off.
When running AS SSD i score very low (look screenshot) and especially bad is the 4k-64Thrd test score.
In addition my boot time is about 26 seconds!!!! :??:

Thx for the help!

My system:

-AsRock z68 extreme 4
-Intel i5 2500K OC 4GHZ
-GTX 770 4GB


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  1. Have you bothered to apply the EVO patch available from Samsung's website? The revised firmware addresses performance issues. Mostly after a period of use but I think there are some other corrections as well.,27890.html
  2. Yes, I have the latest Firmware patch installed (October 2014).
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    BIOS? Check your version against this version here:

    Barring that, I'd say it's possible your chipset is old enough to be causing performance issues but I'd double check my native windows drivers to see there are no updates there either.
  4. Ok, i'll check the bios but im pretty sure it is up to date.
    Sorry for this noob question but how and what native windows drivers do i need to check?
  5. Well, if you go into control panel > device manager and take a look to see if there are any remarked devices (Symbols next to them and category open already to the device) indicating an issue with the device due to drivers or other issues, or, if there's not any, just open the storage controllers, right click on any/each present and select update drivers, update automatically, to see if updated drivers are available. The other thing you can do is go to the manufacturers website for your motherboard model and check for updated chipset and storage controller drivers.
  6. The mobo bios is the latest and native windows driver returned that there isnt anything newer than whats installed, besides that all is normal in the device manager. :(
    Any other ideas?? Maybe contact Samsung support?
  7. Hey,
    It turns out my BIOS version was 1.4 i downloaded the new 2.2 version you posted and these are my result (in original post at the top) :D
    Thanks a lot bro is there a way to give you a thumbs up here? ;)

  8. I'd go to this page and make sure you've not only installed the latest firmware but have run the 840 EVO Performance restoration software. It might be helpful to run the Samsung magician afterwards and see if you can optimize the performance. If none of that works, run Seatools for windows on the drive to check for issues. Then contact Samsung and see if they have suggestions. It might just be a hardware failure inside the unit.
  9. Glad to hear it. Good luck to you.
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