Computer seems to slow down and not load up programs after being on for 24+hours

This is a self built PC that was just built in May. Haven't had any issues until just about a week ago when I come home from work and I try to open up Firefox and it never opened. So I opened up task manager to see if it ever did and saw it in there but couldn't even end the process so I tried to go into admin processes and then task manager froze on me. Even just doing nothing for a bit and never responded so I force shut down the PC. Next time it happened I was trying to use the B.Net app and it stop responding and I tried the task manager thing again.. did the same thing and froze up on me.

Specs if needed are:
i7 4770k
MSI Z87-G45
G.skill 16 GB DDR3-2133(4x4gb sticks)
Samsung 840 evo 120GB for the OS
WD caviar blue 1TB
Corsair 760W
W7 Pro

So I waited to answer back since i was on the pc most of sunday. Today it just happened again. Should also mention when I went to restart it, it sat on the logging off screen for more then 5 minutes so I just force shut it down. When it booted up again I hit enter to boot normally and once it got to the user screen my keyboard and mouse take a bit to register again. Also it didnt recognize my wireless adapter which happens each time also.
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  1. Try updating windows
  2. Says its up to date but one of the updates says failed on 10/15/2014. Uninstalled that update and I'm reinstalling it now. Guess will have a response after 24+ hours.. lol.
  3. Also my computer just randomly froze up on me while playing World of Warcraft and having a stream open. Never happened before. Couldn't do anything while it was frozen.
  4. Chances are a program is hogging RAM and not releasing it .

    Check the RAM usage of programs . Especially firefox . I believe one of the recent updates had a bug
  5. I could understand that could be the issue for my computer locking up/freezing when I was playing WoW but what about the other one were most programs arent responsive when I come back after not being on for awhile?
  6. Just had my computer completely freeze up on me and couldn't do anything. I was just on firefox reading and watching a stream on twitch. Really not sure what is causing this at all.
  7. Sorry about the late response. Had a thought that maybe the reason my PC was freezing was just due to Twitch being open. Past two day i havent used twitch and I have yet needed to force shut down my pc due to it freezing. Will try watching tomorrow to see if it causes it to freeze. Haven't had the other issue in a good amount of days so maybe some of this stuff worked so far.
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