External HDD (Seagate 500gb) Does not show up in y computer but does in device managment

So my EXT hdd(it had 2 partitions on it 435gb(NTFS) and 30gb(fat32)) stoped working(it does not apeear in my computer but does in device managment) and i tried formatting it but it says "Cannot create parttion to many BAD clusters"(i used partiton guru and aomei partition assisntant both failed on my windows 7 laptop) so i took it out of the enclosing and plugged in directly into my desktop via sata cables to the mother board (It Runs on LINUX) and it apeared and and i then formated it via linux(ntfs) and it works on my linux pc but as soon as i take it out and put it back in the case etc. and connect it via usb the same thing as before happens and sometime it picks up the 2 parttions i had on it but ther are not accesible and makes my pc hang PLEASE HELP ps. i dont have anything important on it just games and movies so i do not mind losing the data
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    It sounds like the small PCB (called a bridge chip) inside the Seagate enclosure has failed, in which case a third-party enclosure should do the trick. Just make sure the new enclosure is compatible with SATA hard drives, not IDE ones (some can handle both so they're okay too).
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