New motherboard{1155} recommendation please

Hi folks. Looking for a new motherboard.

Socket 1155 for my i5 2500.

Other components are..

OCZ Zs 650w
r9 290 Tri x
8gb {2x4gb} Gkill ripjaw 1600mhz
seagate barracuda sata2 250gb
Current Mobo is Gigabyte p61

Budget is only around £70/ 110$.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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  1. Asus Z77-A is a good MoBo for the price. 76 quids on Amazon. ASROCK Z75 PRO3 is another fine choice. Should be 60-70 quids.
  2. Thanks guys. Out of those two i think i would go for the Asrock.

    Although im thinking of increasing the budget a bit more to go for the ASRock Z77 Extreme4.

    I came across the Asrock H61 pro BTC

    From its initial spec it seems to suit my needs and at a great price at £40

    I see its aimed at bitmining but it will work just as well as an 'everyday standard' mobo yeah ? Im not missing anything?

  3. Best answer
    Yes it is a good everyday use MoBo, not the most feature ladden, but will take everyday tasks just fine.
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