BSOD help crashing on new mobo

Please help. Ive been up 16 hrs working on this. I just bought an asus z97-ar motherboard, intel i5 cpu and im installing it on my old system. 16gb of ram. Ive tried 2 different HDs. Keeps BSODing on me.

Ive taken out everything. Using the cpu as video, unplugged everything but mouse and keyboard. Ram is good, ive had it for more than a year on the old system. Tried 1 stick at a time, too. I hope someone csn interpret this code

Its windows 7 64 bit

Im using onboard video and so far so good
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  1. Its a CPU related stop error try updating the BIOS

    Are you overclocking? This can also cause it
  2. nope, not overclocking. I dont even know how to. I'm going to try to update the BIOS and see if that works
  3. k. You can also get that stop error if the CPU is overheating or faulty too
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