I need help and guidance with overclocking

Hey guys, I'd like to overclock my cpu, its an i5-4670k, but i honestly don't know where to begin... Nor if i have what i need to start?
My rig:
Z87-pro MOBO
Asus 770 GPU
Hyper 212 evo CPU fan
i5-4670k CPU
8gb Ram
i have a large tower with 3 case fans (all 120mm i think)
I pretty much just want guidance.. Maybe if you guys can recommend videos or other posts?

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  1. hjj174 said:

    link doesn't work...
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  3. hjj174 said:

    Is there anything I need to do before going through with what the article says?
  4. Be comfortable with the fact that as soon as you overclock, you void your warranty on the cpu. Try using one of the mentioned stress tests in the guide to see what kind of temps you get at stock. It will give you a reference point to go on when it comes to your temps.
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