why low fps in games like assassin's creed 1?

My rig:
Processor: intel pentium g2020
Graphic card: sapphire r7 240 1gb ddr5 with boost
Ram: 4 gb ddr3

According to, i met the hardware requirements of assassin's creed 1 to play it at ultra settings. But my frame rate sometimes drops to 30 fps. Why is this happening? I have maxed out all the settings and running the game at 1600x900 resolution. Is my graphic card incapable of doing that, or I am missing something?
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  1. uninstall the drivers right now and install the newest ones again! if that does not work than you might wanna turn down the anti alsing
  2. AS1 is an old game but, your computer specs are not stellar either..

    Most probably, yes it is incapable of doing that.
  3. I have the latest drivers installed. And i have already turned off anti-aliasing.

    I want to know, which one is bottlenecking? Cpu or graphic card.
    Also, should i overclock any of them or not?
  4. GPU is very very bad but the cpu is good
  5. Best answer
    Overclocking is not recommended..

    You can tweak the settings, keeping some settings in high while the others in ultra,
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