Looking for case with bottom-top air ventilation design

I am trying to find a case for my pc (ATX) where the intake fan is located at the bottom, the PCI, and exhaust fan are at the top...I have looked at some options. Seems like Silver Stone FT02 and FT05 have similar concept...but they are a little bit too big...I remember seeing something like this in other brands but I can't remember now, can anyone help me with this?
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  1. Vic 40 said:

    No, this does not fit into my description at all.
  2. Vic 40 said:

    The bitfienix does not support my mother board size. I think it also does not support rotated motherboard.

    The Raven 3 definitely fits most of my requirement, which is coming from Silverstone again. It is a little too big for me....but we will see.
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    The FT05 is a mid-tower case and is smaller than the Raven 3 (by almost 30 cubic liters) so you're really not going to see anything smaller than that while still supporting ATX motherboards. I know the FT03-Mini also uses bottom-top cooling with 90 degree motherboard rotation but it only supports mini-ITX motherboards. Also, 90 degree motherboard mounting is pretty much exclusively Silverstone and I can't think of anyone else doing it. I could be wrong but Silverstone possibly has a patent preventing anyone else from using that mounting scheme.
  4. I didn't comsider motherboard size with the bitfenix so your right about that.The raven3 is probably the only one that really fits your description.
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