dvi d24+1 male to svga female adapter question

Ok bought this adapter but it doesn't want to show anything on my screen.Have a dvi adapter that does work why is that ?
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  1. A couple of possibilities. If the DVI/SVGA you are attaching to is a DVI-D or Dual Link, even if you have the adapter it isn't going to work. Here is an image:

    Other possibility is if you are trying to hook it up to a DVI-I port, which would work with an SVGA monitor but you have a DVI-D connector on your adapter.

    Either of these seem to be the issue?
  2. didnt buy the analog one
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    So you got the VGA to DVI-D (digital) that is your problem i believe. VGA is analog, DVI-D is digital and they aren't compatible. I know with my old GTX 770, it didn't have a DVI-I port on the back, only two DVD-D's so I couldn't easily hook up my old VGA monitor. I had to buy a VGA to HDMI connector and connect via the HDMI port.
  4. i got an hdmi port on my gpu also would that work
  5. Give that a shot, let me know if it works.
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