Does the Intel E8400 support Gigabyte's GA-X48-DS4 CIA2 board overclocking ?


This board has 5 onboard OC presets, and it states that it will work only if the CPU will support that.
1. Will it ?
2. I would like to OC it on stock cooling. I tried various guides (like,2.html) but it didn't work.
I would be more than happy to receive some guidance on that.

Thank you !
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  1. This is the best overclocking board available for that chi. Try out the presets, most manual overclocks will be better. I wonder if these presets are only for the extreme chips? Give it a try, worst thing that can happen is that the computer will restart with default clocks.
  2. I tried "sport" speed, it didn't restart but nothing changed, speed runs at 3GHZ
  3. Well, I saw that the speed changes with system demand. Anyhow, I will be happy for some guidance on manual OC.
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    Read over this, pm me or others for specifics
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