Is it possible to turn an USB hub into a wireless USB hub using a WiFi-USB nano adapter?

I know there are wireless USB hubs out there (bulky and expensive) that do this...
I want to buy the TP-LINK TL725N WiFi-USB adapter in conjunction with a USB hub to my liking in order to offer my tablet (Xperia Z Ultra) some USBs for my drives (2.5 HDD salvaged from my laptop incased in a nice external rack, external CD/DVD rom, flash disk, maybe a SD card reader).
My micro USB will host the MHL connection to a larger display, so I need it free.

Here is a schematic:

I figure this is the most elegant way of turning a tablet into a desktop computer - my goal.
I'm afraid the nano WiFi adapter won't be able to read the drives connected to the hub. Only the tablet specifies USB OTG port, all nano receivers manufacturers simply specifies "USB 2.0" on their sites. I am hoping OTG has become an industry standard and they didn't bothered mentioning it, as I read OTG is necessary for the multiprotocol I am after.

Any thoughts on this, please let me know... I'm trying not to do things on my own and reinvent the wheel.

Thank you Tom ^_^
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  1. The USB wifi adapter is designed to work in conjunction with an OS (i.e. on a PC); it will not work when plugged in to the USB hub.

    You might consider using your router as the hub for a USB attached storage (if available) or to connect a NAS.
  2. Thank You BuddhaSkoota
    I just looked at the diagramă of the NAS.. it's too complicated (=expensive). I'm on a limited budget and I need to get it right the first time.
    My rooter only has a micro USB with the power chord in it. It's from Vodafone (3g to WiFi).

    "The USB wifi adapter is designed to work in conjunction with an OS" - I looked at the user manual for the nano receiver and it only shows how to install it on a laptop. I'm afraid you're right.

    Is there a way to work around it? I'm googleing that now..

    Edit1: Found someone who has a similar vision in mind hihi wish we ware more...
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    Unfortunately I'm not sure you'll be able to find a wireless USB solution on a budget.

    I know you wanted to stay away from the wireless USB hubs, but that's all that I could find that might do what you need. Might be within your budget?

    It might be feasible to use an old rooted Android mobile to act as a USB access device, but I'm just making a suggestion as I have little knowledge on how to actually make this work.

    Hopefully you can come up with a suitable workaround.
  4. I found this Samsung external DVD rom to be wireless and own a USB port. Costed 37€. I hate to pay Samsung but it was the cheapest solution...

    Edit: It should be possible to connect to the nano wifi. Once plugged into the USB port, it activates wlan. I should be able to connect to the receiver. And to set it up, i should be able to access it,s kernel and change settings via the browser on the tablet, should i be provided with an IP address, an user and a password.
    Samsung apparently does just that - was looking on the manual...
    I am thinking of canceling my order and buy that nice LG i saw.... Can some1 confirm my theory?
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