Computer worked fine, tried installing new gfx, now its super-dead

I upgraded from a EVGA gtx 580 to a Gigabyte gaming GTX 970. The computer was working fine before the swap. Now the computer will not post or make any BIOS beeping. I have 0 video. I tried putting the old card back in and was unsuccessful.

When I turn the computer on, fans spin including the processor fan, led's light up. The computer will stay on for about 10 seconds, than turn off for a few, then will turn back on with fans and leds etc again but will just sit there and not post.

I am totally stumped. The new card uses less power than the previous so I hardly think it is a Power source issue. Please help! Thanks!
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  1. Hmmmm - wonder what parts you have in your PC? Maybe something isn't quite right?

    Fit an internal speaker and see what post code you get.
  2. I figured it out. Somehow installing a new GFX jacked up one of my RAM sticks. Luckily i have three other 4g sticks.
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