Should I get thermal grease other than what comes with Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo?

For my FX-6300.
there is Zalman ZM-STG2 Thermal Grease and Noctua NT-H1 Hybrid Thermal Conductivity Compound. But I don't know if that will make any difference.
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  1. Are u going to buy new thermal paste to replace the stock one?

    From I know the best one is from Gelid, GC-Extreme Thermal Compound (TC-GC-03-A)...

    but it can be hard to find in some region..

    edit: here is old article from toms (2013), as I remembered it had quite consistency test result with other tech site that also doing similar test.,3616.html
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    I've used the TMC that comes with the CM Hyper212 on 3 different installs, never had a problem with it.
  3. OK great, that would save me $10 :D
  4. Noctua has gotten a very good rep for their thermal compounds. Honestly as long as the thermal compound is correctly applied most people will notice very little difference between types of thermal compounds (tho I wouldn't recommenced sticking with the pre-applied pads on heatsinks). Most variation is within a couple of degrees C. Most people wont notice the difference between a cheap tube of Artic Silver 5, and most expensive options like Noctua.

    Now if your going with overclocking or trying to just squeeze every ounce of performance it might matter, in which case check out this,3600.html,3616.html
  5. Thanks a lot, but I think I won't get the cooler because I can't get my FX6300 to anything above 4 Ghz, and it's running fine without a cooler.
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