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Hey guys,

I am thinking about buying a second hand Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC Force of only 6 months old. However, it has been used in a mining rig, probably heavily as it can be used for 4-way SLI.. what would you guys advise me? Is it a big risk to buy this motherboard, or is it probably still ok?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Components used in Bitcoin mining are the last option I'd include in my cart. Avoid it.
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    If it is only 6 months old it should still be covered under warranty. If you can, obtain the original receipt and register the board with Gigabyte. At least that way you are covered. I don't think it will be an issue though honestly. Hope this helps you somewhat.

    @ MeteorRaining. I buddy of mine had 2 mining rigs running 8 280x's/7970's. He sold all of them, including one of the 7970's to me. That was almost a year ago now, and not one of us has had an issue with either of the cards. He had 2 x HIS 280x, 4 MSI TF 280x's, and 2x Powercolor 7970's. All are still working 100% fine today. That's video cards, so I would expect a GPU to fail much sooner than a high end motherboard such as the one the OP is considering.
  3. I'd still avoid mined components. Heard and seen way too many not-so-good experiences.
  4. MeteorsRaining said:
    I'd still avoid mined components. Heard and seen way too many not-so-good experiences.

    That's fine, but when I had the opportunity to get a 7970ghz ed. for $100 when they were retailing for close to $400 at the time, I had to jump on it, lol.
  5. I was talking more like in general. Mining is the most stressful activity for any component. I'd get a used server mobo but not a mined one. But that's just me.
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