Windows 7 Cannot be installed on this disk... already in AHCI mode/boot order on UEFI CD *HELP*

I was running the Samsung 840 EVO Performance Restoration software and all was going fine. I got to the part where it said that the computer will automatically shut down in 20 seconds, and instead of hitting shut down I just let the timer run out so it would do so automatically. However, instead of shutting off and rebooting and the firmware update to begin steps 1-3, my monitors (both plugged into the GPU) both lost connection and the computer never audibly restarted and all my fans just kept going as if the computer was still in exactly the same state it had been in a few seconds prior. I plugged in a monitor into my mobo and still had no connection. I can always audibly hear when my computer restarts and I swear that this time it didn't. Also, your monitors are still supposed to be on throughout the process, so even if it magically stealth restarted on me (very unlikey) my monitors should still be on. My CPU is Intel and it's my only drive, so I don't see why I'm having these problems. I also had the newest NVIDIA drivers for my 770.

It's been about 40 minutes like this so far and I have no reason to believe that it is currently in steps 1-3, so what should I do? I don't want to turn it off and lose my data, and I especially don't want to hit the power button and break the 500GB SSD.

If this helps here is the pdf guide from Samsung on the update:

***UPDATE***: I let the computer sit for 8 hours and it appears that the entire drive is corrupted as it wouldn't boot at all and said that a disk read error had occurred. I've now given up and am trying to reinstall windows, however I'm getting an error message "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

I already have my bios on AHCI and the boot order is set to boot to the UEFI CD and SMART is turned on. I've deleted all the old partitions, made a new one, and formatted it within the windows installer many times and it still refuses to load. Someone help please?
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  1. I think your computer did not shutdown yet to begin the restart.
    As for your data, anytime you mess with your drives you should make a backup first and I'm sure that its within Samsungs instructions or at least a warning to do so is.
    I dont see that you have much real choice but to shut down and restart. If you want to play it safe, let is sit for 4 hours first.
  2. If im understanding correctly, you are unable to install windows, correct? Are you attempting a clean install? Try this:

    Part I - configure bios/uefi boot settings
    1) Restart your computer and enter your BIOS/UEFI settings.
    2) Look for a setting called secure boot and disable it. Also look for a setting called legacy support (or something similar) and enable it.
    3) Look for your boot devices and make sure to boot from CD/DVD.

    Part II - prepare and configure drive for clean install of windows
    1) After booting from CD/DVD, at the very first screen in the windows installation, press shift+F10. This will bring up command prompt.
    2) Run the following commands, one by one (without quotes):
    "diskpart" press enter
    "list disk" press enter <~~this will display the drives attached to the computer. They will be numbered starting with "0".
    3) Select the drive you want to install windows on, and reformat it:
    "select disk [disk number]" press enter <~~example, "select disk 0"
    "clean" press enter
    "convert gpt" press enter
    "exit" press enter
    4) Close the command prompt window.
    Continue the Windows Setup installation.
    When choosing an installation type, select Custom. The drive will appear as a single area of unallocated space.
    Select the unallocated space and click Next. Windows begins the installation.

    For more information visit these pages:
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    Turns out the the drive was bricked. I bought a new one while waiting on the RMA and it's all good to go.
  4. Thanks for the update Riley.
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