Intel(R) HD Graphics Family or AMD Radeon R7 M265. Should I switch to AMD? I have 2 graphic cards.

The title says it all.

For gaming purposes. Thanks! =)
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    Radeon R7 M265 is far better .

    R7 M265 - 384 shaders
    HD 4400 mobile - 20 shaders
  2. The AMD Radeon R7 M265 by all means!
  3. How do you switch then? =(
  4. Usually, your computer ships so that it switches automatically. Check this video:
  5. Right click on the desktop -> Configure Switchable Graphics
  6. I think that as long as it is on High Performance, AMD is running. Am I correct?
  7. Third World said:
    How do you switch then? =(
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