Gigabyte GTX 970 fit in a BitFenix Prodigy?

G1 970 is pretty long. I don't know if it'll fit. Should I go with a MSI 970 instead?

My build:
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  1. If you remove the hard disk drive the gigabyte should fit. But it can be very tight. Why do you take an overclockable cpu and a h97 mainboard? Doesnt make sense. Whether you take the non-k-version of the cpu or a mb with z97 chipset.
    But back to the gpu: if its between gigabyte and msi, I would take the msi. A little bit less noise, less heat, shorter card and as powerful as the gigabyte. And it looks nicer (but thats only my opinion)
  2. The case with the upper drive cage removed can hold a video card that is 12.59 inches long the GB card is 12.2
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    yes it will fit, the card length is 312mm:
    the case max legnth is 335mm:

    ive worked with this case before. it is a very well designed case.
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