Screen is unreadable after pc crashed and went to blue screen of death

Today my old pc (which is at least 5 years old) crashed while I was playing games, before going to the blue screen of death. The screen said something about file dumping, but it was difficult to read because for some reason after my pc froze, the screen became all pixelated. This is not the first time the bsod of death has come up, but it has never been unreadable like it has been today. I restarted my pc, but again it was unreadable: there were all squares across the screen, the screen showed double of everything, and everything seems to be a lot larger on the screen (e.g. half my desktop icons dont show up, and the ones that do are twice the normal size).

At first, I thought that it might be a monitor issue so I changed the screen and cables to my new monitor and cables but there was no difference. My pc isnt infected with viruses either as my security scans have discovered no viruses and only two unwanted programs which I quarantined. Any solutions?
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  1. If your graphics chip is integrated as opposed to a discreet add in card you may want to swap ram to see if one of your sticks is going bad. If it is a discreet board I almost guarantee you need a new one.
  2. Yeah it must be a graphics card failure, I just googled graphics card failures and the images that came up look exaclty like my pc does now. msi kombuster cant detect the graphics card either. Is there any way I can fix the problem or will I have to buy a new graphics card? Thanks for the help :)
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    Try starting in safemode .

    That will be without a graphics driver . If the screen is still a mess [ and not just low resolution ] that will indicate you have a failure of the graphics card and it will have to be replaced . Fixing it will not be an option .

    If it starts in safemode with a low res screen then just download and install the latest graphics driver
  4. Yes, it started in safe mode but the screen was still a mess. I've decided to replace the graphics card :) Thank you for your help.
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